About Debra Joy

Mugs & Muffins(55)Known as an encourager, Debra Joy Wallace is also a writer and speaker whose ministry is dedicated to evangelizing the non-believer and declaring hope and encouragement to the oppressed and captive. For more than a decade Debra Joy has passionately proclaimed that people can be set free from addictions through a personal and committed relationship with Jesus Christ. In 2005 Debra Joy started small-group support meetings and Bible studies in her community for those struggling with addictions and other life-controlling issues. From April 2007 to May 2010 Debra Joy hosted the Tree of Life radio program which was broadcast throughout thirty-three counties in eastern North Carolina and southern Virginia. In June 2010, with barely no writing experience whatsoever, Debra Joy hesitantly obeyed God’s leading to write an inspirational column. Her weekly column; “Hello, and Have I Got a Story to Share With You!” is now published in numerous newspapers throughout North Carolina, out-of-state newspapers, and in monthly publications.

10-10-2011Whether she’s speaking or writing, Debra Joy compellingly shares how God delivered her from drugs and compulsive gambling, and restored her relationship with her only child, Joy. Never one to be shy, and thankful for the many, many, ways God has helped her, Debra Joy loudly and boldly proclaims in her writings and wherever she goes, to whosoever will listen … “No problem is too big for God. God will help you!”

“Anxious hearts are very heavy but a word of encouragement does wonders.”
Proverbs 12:25 (TLB)


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