To Whom It May Concern,

I have read Debra Joy Wallace’s column (Have I Got A Story to Share With You!) for more than a year. I have found the column to be both inspirational and informative in building a relationship with Jesus Christ. Ms. Wallace tells the story of forgiveness, redemption and reconciliation in a way which is unique to her life experiences. Debra Joy has the ability to use everyday ordinary circumstances to tell a story which is relevant to today’s non-believer and plant seeds of reconciliation to Jesus Christ.

After recently hearing a live message delivered from the pulpit of Grove Park Baptist Church, located in Clinton, North Carolina; I personally witnessed a message from a lady who is ordained to carry a message of redemption to a sick and dying world.

Debra Joy has the God given ability to weave her story of addiction into a beautiful story of redemption and reconciliation of not just her relationship with Jesus Christ but also with her family and friends.

Whether speaking to individuals one-on-one or speaking to an auditorium filled with attentive listeners, Debra Joy has the ability to keep the audience on the edge of their seat waiting for the next turn or twist in her story.

I would recommend anyone who has not had the opportunity to hear Ms. Wallace speak in public, to make a plan to attend one of her speaking engagements. You will discover a woman, with a God given talent to both entertain as well as deliver a powerful message of forgiveness, reconciliation and redemption ordained from God.

Respectfully Yours,

Melvin Henderson, General Manager
The Sampson Weekly, Inc.
Clinton, NC



Debra Joy Wallace is a God fearing, Jesus Christ loving woman who is filled with the Holy Spirit. Debra is energetic and enthusiastic in her message delivery as well as thoughtful to its content and her audience.  Her love for the Lord is apparent in her beautiful smile and in the joy she shares with everyone she meets.  It’s always a blessing to have her visit us.—Pastor Michele Clark, Eureka United Methodist Church, Eureka NC



Ms. Debra Wallace is one of God’s Trophies. Ms. Debra has been to our church and shared her awesome life changing testimony of how the Lord Jesus Christ rescued her from addiction. Ms. Debra’s inspiring personal story coupled with her humorous personality is sure to bless all as she is gifted to connect with all generations. Ms. Debra’s smile and compassionate spirit will light up a room and the message she shares will bring HOPE to all. God is using her in mighty ways and if you have never had her speak at your church or event then you are missing a true blessing!—Jeff Dail, Compassion Ministries Pastor, Mount Olive First PH Church, Mount Olive, NC



To know Debra Joy Wallace is to love her. Her fun loving, friendly personality communicates her great care for all she meets. She is one of those wonderful people you feel you’ve known forever even if you just met her.

When you talk to Debra it won’t take you long to recognize that her LORD is the wellspring of her life as she will tell you of HIS great faithfulness to her. Her personal testimony will hold you spellbound as you begin to understand what a miraculous journey she has been on and how good GOD has been in her life! The deliverance she has experienced is truly amazing! “Amazing Love” could be her theme song as she knows in depth the LOVE of GOD!

Debra blesses and encourages everyone to run the race, never quit, and to experience the great grace and mercy of GOD! She is one I would call a true “overcomer”!  What a great privilege it is to know Debra and to call her friend.—Pat Tripp, President of NC East Area Aglow International



It was several years ago that we first heard Debra speak on her radio program; “Tree of Life.” We fell in love with her. Debra brings the Word in such a way it gets and keeps your attention. We still remember her message from the time she came and spoke at our church. You can see her enthusiasm and love for God and people. She is a caring person who loves Jesus and wants to share His Word. Debra is eager to do God’s will … whatever it may be. We count her as a dear friend and sister in Christ.

Pastor Jimmy & Susie Taylor
Community Church
Trenton, N.C



What a heart for souls! What a burden for the lost! Debra Joy Wallace loves Jesus and it shows. I would recommend to anyone who hasn’t heard her testimony, to hear it! May God bless her ministry.—Charles Dunn, Media-Technology Director, Warsaw Pentecostal Holiness Church, Warsaw, NC



Debra Joy,

Thank you again for speaking at Eureka’s older adult ministry, “The Golden Lights for Christ.”

Wow, what an inspirational and dynamic speaker you are!! We love your humor and how God has blessed your ministry, especially where you “Talk to Him” in the cow pasture.

You are a Holy Spirit filled, born again Christian. You have answered His call to proclaim and promote JESUS CHRIST!! I love your articles in the Fremont News Leader and in Carolina Life Magazine.

Continue in the work God has called you to do. We want you to come back again!! We were impressed.

Love in Christ,

Clara Sauls
Leader, “The Golden Lights for Christ”
Eureka Methodist Church
Eureka, North Carolina




I first heard Debra Joy Wallace at a ladies church luncheon in the Spring of 2012. I really liked her abundance of happiness and joy, and most of all, her infectious smile. I could feel that her message was from her heart.

When our WMU Planning Committee met in the Fall of 2012, at my home church, we were planning for a speaker for our upcoming 2013 WMU Focus Sunday. Immediately, I thought of Debra Joy. The committee agreed that I should contact her to come and speak. So I did and Debra Joy was more than happy to come, and I could just see that smile on her face. I told her to pray and whatever God laid on her heart for her message would be just fine.

On Sunday morning, February 24, 2013, Debra Joy came to our church. She gave her personal testimony about her former drug use and gambling problem, and shared how her life was changed from a sinner’s life to a new life in Christ Jesus our Lord.

My husband said during her message he saw grown men crying crocodile tears. We had a couple of people go up when the invitation was given at the end of the service. I saw some ladies crying and others who also appeared very moved by her message. Debra Joy is a dynamite speaker and I am very proud to call her my Sister in Christ.

Eleanor Matthis
Sampson County, NC




We have known Debra Joy Wallace for over 10 years and can testify and endorse she is a true child of God who knows how to live by faith, depending on God to work out “the all things” in her life and the lives of those for whom she prays for in faith believing.  She is a teacher of TRUTH led by The Spirit of Truth; she does not compromise when truth is in question.  She does not follow men but God’s Holy Spirit in regard to teaching The Gospel of Christ Jesus and sharing experiences she has gone through that has led her into a deep relationship with God, trusting Him to meet her need and to open doors she is to go through. And we have watched God open doors for her that no man could have opened.

We believe without a doubt that those who are blessed to attend a meeting/seminar where Debra Joy is speaking, will receive teaching that will take them into deeper study of The Word so that they too can develop a deeper relationship with God as Father.

In Christ abiding and secure in His love and grace,

Jim and Shirley Mae Fry
Corvallis, Oregon, USA