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As a Fiber Artist, I enjoy working with various fibers such as sheep’s wool, alpaca, cotton, bamboo, and others. I enjoy spinning with both a spindle or spinning wheel, knitting, felting, and weaving. I also prefer using natural items for dyeing the fibers. Over the years I’ve taken a few classes to learn more, but mostly what I do know has been learned online with youtube videos! Ravelry is an online community that contains a wealth of information including patterns for nearly any fiber item you choose to make! You can also gain knowledge by searching various topics on Pinterest. I’ve found it to be a wonderful hobby with always something to pique my interest. My favorite things to try are knitted/felted hats and fingerless gloves, (small items that you can make quickly and receive gratification) rather than a complicated sweater or project that requires more planning. I enjoy both, but it depends on time available to devote to the specific project. That said, please enjoy some photos of some of my endeavors. I’ll be posting a pattern once in awhile, or recipes/instructions on how to dye for those interested. Newbies to the craft may be surprised to learn that you can get beautiful colors from onion skins, avocado pits, red cabbage, and other items you may have in your kitchen right now! Why not try a project using turmeric or coffee grounds? The possibilities are endless and always fun to get to “see what you get” when you try something new! I’m not an expert, but I am willing to try to answer any questions you may have. The hobby can become contagious, so watch out!

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