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Have you ever gone on vacation only to return home needing a vacation from your vacation? That’s how I’m feeling this week! Trying to play catch up, but the days are going by too fast!

Here’s a quick 3 ingredient recipe for an appetizer you are going to love making and eating. Perfect for a party when you’re running late. It couldn’t get easier than this!


1 block cream cheese, slightly softened

Green Chile Jelly- (maybe just 1/2 jar)

Triscuits, Wheat Thins, or your favorite crackers


On a plate large enough to accomodate a block of cream cheese with room for crackers to surround it, put your cream cheese in the center, spoon your spicy jelly over the top and place your choice of crackers all around. You’re ready to go! So easy and quick. Enjoy!

3 comments on “Cream Cheese/Green Chile Jelly Appetizer

  1. Quick and easy – MY kind of recipe. Thank you!
    (Last new recipe I tried ended up having about 23 ingredients. It was good, but I’ll probably never do it again.)


    1. Yay! Sometimes easy is best!


    2. I agree…keep it simple!


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