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Last Sunday, Max Lucado gave an online sermon instead of hosting weekly worship in our church. In his message Facing Our Giants, he gave reminders to help us look to the Lord in every crisis or circumstance. 

Referring to the story of David, the shepherd boy, in the book of 1 Samuel, Max spoke about the five smooth stones David chose from the brook to defeat Goliath, the giant who defied the armies of the living God. 

The five stones represent tools- the 5 essential elements we can use when we face a giant (whether it be betrayal trauma, the Corona virus, or whatever causes us fear)! 

They are:

  1. stone of the past – Remember God’s faithfulness to see us through storms in our past
  2. stone of prayer – Come to the Lord in humility, seeking his peace and comfort
  3. stone of priority – Is our priority God’s renown? (It’s all David talked about.)
  4. stone of passion – pursue whatever God calls us to- run towards our giant with faith and courage, trusting God. 
  5. the stone of persistence– press on to acknowledge the Lord, persevering in prayer. Don’t give up. 

These stones will remind us and help us face any giant- whether we’re dealing with consequences of a husband’s betrayal that continue to weigh us down, or fears related to the impact of the Corona Virus on our friends and family. 

Such a powerful, encouraging, and timely word will bring blessing to your life! If you’ve got 30 minutes, click here for his message.

2 comments on “Facing Our Giants

  1. Interesting take on the five stones. I had never seen those before.
    (I have heard that the reason David with all his faith got five stones instead of just one was that Goliath had four brothers, and he was ready to take them all on, if necessary.)


    1. Yes If you have time, view Max’s message provided in the link. It’s so worth it. (He also speaks about the other 4 brothers.)


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