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photo courtesy of Linda Gerbec, upbplash

When we hear the word tombstone we immediately think of cemeteries and Halloween- along with the names and dates of those passed on before us, with images of R.I.P. 

There’s another tombstone that doesn’t always come to mind as quickly: the stone on Jesus’ tomb. 

So huge and heavy, the women on their way to Jesus’ tomb started wondering who would remove it from the entrance. 

When they got there, much to their surprise, it had already been moved aside. 

The tombstone didn’t need removing for Jesus to leave, but rather for the women and disciples who arrived-  to witness the miracle of resurrection. 

What has Jesus removed from a betrayal trauma survivor such as yourself? 

Experiencing a change from viewing ourselves as victims, to ones surviving abuse? That my friend, is a tombstone miracle! 

Healing from confusion, depression, or loneliness? Another miracle. 

Even learning to recognize one can CHOOSE healing and find joy again is miraculous. 

When we look for blessings, instead of seeing devastation, we experience transformation. Be reminded of tombstone miracles, big or small, and know Jesus is behind it.

“ God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble.” Psalm 46:1 ESV

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