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What is success? What determines value?

Grief running deep, no one listened to Jeremiah. Deprived, thrown into cisterns and prison, taken to Egypt against his will, and rejection? Poor guy, he had it bad. 

Family, friends, false priests and prophets, kings- yes, anyone in his audience rejected him. He stood alone, unsuccessful at everything he tried, feeling like a loser. 

Inspite of it all, regardless of the opposition, he courageously and faithfully proclaimed God‘s word. The “weeping prophet” didn’t weep or lament for himself, but for God’s people who were disobedient. 

Jeremiah endured so much heartache and appeared unsuccessful to others, but to God, his OBEDIENCE made him a success. 

So now, we need to ask ourselves: 

What do we think determines success, and am I successful in God’s eyes?

How do you measure your worth? Because of potential or your achievements?

Or because God declares it so? 

Our Creator and Designer made us with a plan, purpose, and value. God’s Word speaks this truth over us. It’s time to believe it—because God said it. 

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