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Photo courtesy of Jan Simons, upsplash

Whoever thought the Dead Sea—a body of water in Israel, so salty that nothing lives in it—could be filled with freshwater and support life?

Ezekiel 47 speaks about a wide river with trees on each side, flowing toward the Arabah, where it enters the Dead Sea. When it does, the water becomes fresh again—fish and living sea creatures will live.

This is a prophecy yet to be fulfilled, but it beautifully expresses what happens to us when Living Water flows into us, allowing us to have new life- able to produce fruit! 

“Where the river flows everything will live.”Ezekiel 47:9B

So my question is this: What is your life looking like right now? Dried up without purpose? Lifeless, going nowhere, stagnant?

During betrayal it’s easy to believe our life has ended, nothing will ever change, and we are stuck in our circumstances forever. 

But friend, it’s not true. Jesus promised us abundant life in the land of the living! ASKING HIM IN changes everything!

Once without purpose, we again have joy and peace—passing human understanding. No longer a “dead sea”, this fresh water/promise is for YOU, today!

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