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Lost your purpose? Forgotten your priorities?

In 538 BC, King Cyrus decreed that exiled Jews could return to Jerusalem to rebuild the temple. They began the work but soon forgot their purpose and lost their priorities. They became apathetic about building temple and instead, more concerned with their own needs than doing what God willed to do. 

A prophet called them to action to complete the work. God’s message through Haggai became the catalyst.

As I read the story in the Old Testament, I realized how common this pattern is for many of our schedules. We get bogged down with deadlines to meet, places to go, obligations and expectations demanding more and more of our time and energy. 

It’s a perfect opportunity for the enemy to weasel in and cause the early morning God-time to be put on the back burner. 

Friends, when we replace precious time with God with our to-do list, we end up being a frazzled mess! Psalm 1 tells us to meditate on His word DAY AND NIGHT. 

When our priorities change, (and it happens before we know it) we soon find ourselves frantic, worrisome, and out of energy. 

All the more reason to be intentional to put God first—before the rest. 

Ask yourself: What is ESSENTIAL? What is life-giving? What is life-draining? Begin each day contemplating these questions and allow God to be your catalyst, completing the work He’s prepared for you. 

The repeated phrase in Haggai chapter one is “Give careful thought to your ways.” 

Perhaps it’s time to self-evaluate and heed his advice?

4 comments on “Lost Your Purpose?

  1. Robyn Mulder says:

    Great thoughts, Debra! I’m realizing more and more that my day just doesn’t go as well if I don’t spend some time with the Lord right away in the morning. Thanks for the reminder! ~Robyn

    Liked by 1 person

    1. We need His words for strength for the day. Thank you for reading, Robyn. 💗


  2. Carina says:

    Love love love this! Thank you Deb!!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you for reading. Appreciate you.


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