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After betrayal, emotions run high. Shock, denial, anger, fear, confusion, panic, sadness/depression and hopelessness—just to name a few. 

It’s one thing to be able to acknowledge how we’re feeling, to pinpoint a word – but quite another to dig deeper to understand the “why”reasoning behind our feelings. 

What’s causing us to feel sad, angry, mad, glad or fearful? 

When we can identify what we feel and why we feel a certain way, we become more self-aware and are able to heal. 

Ask yourself: 

How do I feel right now? 

Why/what caused me to feel this way? 

What steps can I take to move forward? 

Do I need to sit with this emotion a bit longer? Is there sorrow or grief I need to address? What truth does God want me to know? 

Feelings may come and go all day long, but next time you acknowledge a feeling, ask yourself the questions to help heal your soul. 

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