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Back when I was fairly fresh out of college, I worked at a cancer research facility. Rather naïve, I never anticipated sacrificing mice as part of my job, but it was an immunology lab, after all. 😂

The guy I worked with was a foreigner and never called mice, mice. It was always animals for him, pronounced “ah-knee-malls”. I loved his joyful approach and eager attitude as he fed and cared for my “animals”. 🐭

I went into that line of work with the knowledge of understanding I would learn a lot, furthering  my career. But there was so much I didn’t know—like harvesting mice spleens for feeding skin cancer tumor cell lines. I even had a UV induced mouse tumor named after me. What an honor, right? 🤪

I entered marriage much the same way. High hopes, anticipating a beautiful future with a trustworthy person. 😍

Again, I never dreamed what lay ahead would be in my job description as a wife. 😳

Perhaps you are there today. Unexpected turns have left you feeling hopeless and helpless? Maybe you didn’t know what to expect after your wedding day, 💍 but you certainly didn’t expect betrayal. 


Choosing healing for yourself is number 4 of the 4C’s:

  1. You are not the cause.
  2. You cannot control him.
  3. You cannot cure him.
  4. You can choose healing for yourself.

To learn about each of these in more depth, see the page for 4 C’s (on this website).

There is hope and help. Women in support groups for betrayal trauma are there to provide validation and encouragement. They “get” you when others may not understand. 

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