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Photo Courtesy of Rickie Cooper – Security Protection District, Colorado

Many of you are aware of the Hermit Peak and Calf Canyon Forest Fires in New Mexico, active for 30 days. Winds approaching 65 to 70 mph travels fast, so my initial reaction (having a home 20 miles north) was shock and a heavy heart.

This too, was one more thing out of my control. Another opportunity to trust, placing faith over fear. 

An interesting thing happened Wednesday. The meteorologist had no explanation for the fire turning in on itself other than “prayers being answered”. 

Friends, we know even the wind and waves obey Jesus. His arm is not too short—we serve a mighty God who hears our cries for help. He works all things for good for those who love him and are called according to his purpose. 

Please join me in giving glory to the One and Only worthy of praise, as well as praying for peace and comfort for those who have lost homes and property to the fire.

2 comments on “More On Faith…

  1. Wow… Instead of burying the story, as sometimes happens when the newscasters don’t have an explanation, I’m so glad the meteorologist explained it as “prayers being answered.” God bless him(her?).

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    1. Praying hearts would turn toward God as fire continues to spread. Another opportunity to trust as He is the only one sovereign and in control.

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