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Photo courtesy of Milada Vigerova, unsplash

If you have been through a wives care group, you are already familiar with Healthy Detachment/Letting Go, so this serves as a reminder. 

As obsessed as a spouse can be with addiction, as betrayed women, we can become equally obsessed and hyper-vigilant trying to change/fix behaviors. 

Healthy detachment is “the art of letting go”. It is not separation, but rather releasing the outcome to God—not trying to control it ourselves. 

Talking to a therapist about codependent behaviors (which can normally surface after experiencing trauma from betrayal) or speaking with other women in a support group may help as you heal. 

Illuminating negative behaviors in response to the trauma we’ve experienced helps us find healthy ways to end them. 

We are not responsible for another’s behaviors or choices, only our own. This Is true not only for a relationship with our spouse, but also regarding relationships with our children, parents, or other friends and relatives. 

By learning the art of Healthy Detachment, we can take back our lives and regain freedom.

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