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I have now come to understand that things don’t always happen in the ways we hope. My 22 year marriage ended in divorce. My dream of “living happily ever after” in a restored marriage was not the outcome. Perhaps this resonates with some of you. No matter where you’re at… single, married, separated, divorced, I hope you will connect. Through my writing, I desire to provide hope and healing to those experiencing betrayal or abuse. You are not alone. You have a loving God who understands what you’re going through. Know that if I got through this, you will, too. I’m here to help you!


Debra Wallace is a writer, fiber artist and outdoor enthusiast. As a single mom she enjoys her two kids, two cats and tortoise. Residing in Texas, she finds any excuse to make frequent visits to her New Mexico cabin. When she’s not writing, knitting, or natural dyeing, you’ll find her hiking, connecting with friends and family, or attending school events.

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