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Ten Reasons Why a Support Group Will Help You Heal From Betrayal

Photo courtesy Rosie Fraser, Unsplash
  1. Helps you discover you are not alone, decreasing isolation and shame.
  2. Creates connection with others, helping you to experience increased social networks and friendships, and establishes a sense of community.
  3. Allows you to find your voice and provide a safe space to share your story. (Provides safety, empathy, validation, and support.)
  4. Shares information and resources.
  5. Empowers you. (You will learn to be assertive and set healthy boundaries.)
  6. Helps you rediscover hope and points to the true source of hope, Jesus.
  7. Provides increased self-awareness, gained insights.
  8. Provides a guided process for healing.
  9. Helps provide coping skills and offers accountability.
  10. Moves one from a victim identity into a survivor/overcomer. (You WILL breathe, laugh, trust, and hope, again!)

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