When IT happens…

“Trust in the Lord with all your heart and do not lean on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make your paths straight.”       Proverbs 3:5&6 NASB 

When I looked down at the vibrating phone on the countertop and saw the text, everything changed. My adrenaline kicked in. It was either fight or flight. I knew it was time for battle. The enemy had stepped on holy ground, and I was ready to fight. 

Later, when I forced him to call the number, I snatched the phone away from my husband and heard the other person pick up. Oh, did I give them a piece of my mind! I wasn’t polite. I wasn’t nice. But somebody was messing with my family and they weren’t about to break us apart. It would have to be “over my dead body” if they did. I was determined not to stand idly by while I watched everything crumble. 

My daughter, who had just turned four at the time, was ready for an outing at the zoo on that fall Saturday. Other than my prior discovery and interaction, it would have been a perfect October day. I couldn’t possibly break my promise to her, so we still went. A two-some rather than a three-some. 

While she was enthralled with the lions and tigers, I felt zombie-like, walking around the zoo in a daze, my heart broken. Hiding tears behind my sunglasses. What just happened? Was that a bad dream? 

Reality sunk in. My world was shaken. 

Anyone ever been in my shoes? A similar event hitting you like a ton of bricks? That memory will be stuck in my brain forever. A turning point in my marriage. That’s when I began keeping secrets and feeling all alone. 

If this resonates with anybody, cry out to Jesus. Give him all your pain and all your concerns. Trust in Him with ALL your heart.  And secondly, tell somebody! Choose a trusted friend, family member, pastor, counselor, or doctor.  But tell SOMEONE!  Don’t walk this road alone, like I did… for too long. Tell someone what happened. It will help. Keeping it to myself got me nowhere but discouraged, depressed, and more isolated. You need support. Do it. By God’s grace you will make it through, I promise.

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