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Hi, My name is Debra Wallace.

As the youngest of six in a Dutch family, my two sisters wanted to name me Vicki Lynn. With my last  name being Vander Laan- this would cause my initials to be V.L.V.L. (Somehow I’m relieved my dad named me Debra, a Hebrew word for “bee”.) A bee of good cheer! 

I’m a writer who’s passionate about encouraging, validating, and motivating women who’ve experienced shame and silence of a husband’s same-sex betrayal- to pursue healing and recovery through Jesus.

Ten years into my 22 year marriage, I became aware of my husband’s same sex attraction and acting out through multiple same-sex affairs. I struggled to face the numbing pain of reality, riding an unending roller coaster of hope and despair.

After many years of shame and silence, God used the power of scripture memorization to heal my heart and restore my faith. Through telling my story, I hope to come alongside other women to share what I’ve learned and show how God refines us through betrayal trauma.

To find out more, visit my Article Page, About Me/Contact Me, or click on the three horizontal bars in the top right corner. There you’ll see various pages and recent posts. Click on the topic of your choice, and use the arrow or scroll down to read the post. You’re all set!

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