Fender Bender

I had a fender-bender last week.  I was so sad about it.  Prior to the accident, my nearly 15 year-old car had been very reliable and accident-free.  You could say I’m sentimental. (You would know it by my stickers on the rear window.) There had been lots of road trips with the kids, fun memories as well as not so fun (kids spilling chocolate milk, leaving cracker crumbs in the seats, or barfing on the way to school) you name it, my car’s been through it.

I knew it would be replaced sooner or later since my New Mexico trips have been becoming more frequent, and the winter snow conditions would be calling for an all-wheel drive vehicle. Still, I kept putting off buying a new one since mine got me from Point A to Point B just fine. I couldn’t justify getting it fixed because it would probably cost more to get fixed than what the car would be worth considering it’s age and high mileage.

Feeling quite emotional after the accident, I took some time to just sit in my car and collect myself. Remembering the conversation with the driver of the pick-up, I instantly recalled his words.

“Wait just a minute, let me call my wife.”  That’s when the truth of being a divorced person really set in and I realized, I HAVE NO ONE TO CALL.  It isn’t that I had no one to call, it’s that I had no one I wanted to bother with something like this. No one to get me out of a situation like getting stuck when you run out of gas or have a flat tire. So as I sat there kind of having a pity party all by myself, I just started thanking Jesus that no one was hurt, and for His provision of a good car over the last several years. I thanked him for the driver of the pick-up being someone I knew. Not that I was glad I hit him, but it happened to be the husband of a friend of mine! Awkward, yes, but who else would have given me a hug when I started bawling at the sight of my car? Then I was reminded of that same friend, who had sent me hand written cards of encouragement over the last year, reminding me that I am loved and that she was praying for me.  So I left the scene still feeling torn about my car, but with a grateful heart. I remembered other friends who have been and are in similar shoes as me and I remembered that I need to pray for them as well, and always be ready to show God’s love to whoever He puts in my path.  

Is there someone who’s come to your mind that you can check on today? Maybe a widow, elderly, or single person who could use a cheerful hello?  Maybe you know someone struggling in a marriage, or just struggling in life? I hope today’s story prompts you to reach out to be an encourager to the one who feels left out or alone. And if the lonely person is YOU, know I am praying for you!


  1. Well written Debra and I’m sorry this happened. ABOVE it all you can see Gods grace. Thank you for sharing your story.

    1. I also forgot to mention….this means we need to go shopping for more stickers. Just like you I LOVE my NM stickers!! Promise me we’ll buy one together next summer and place it on your new car 🙂 LOVE -Maria

  2. “Awkward, yes, but who else would have given me a hug when I started bawling at the sight of my car? ” To answer your question – I would have. I posted about it last week – “There’s Got To Be an Easier Way To Get Readers.” (October 4) I guess not only do great minds think alike, but we all have those mishaps every now and then.

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