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Back in 2011, I joined a recovery support group for women who’ve experienced sexual betrayal. One blessing that came from my participation was meeting Gigi, my “battle buddy”. She became my go-to whenever I needed encouragement, and I did the same for her.  Sometimes a listening ear and a friend who understands is just what we need to keep moving forward.

Although I’ve noticed God healing me, there’s always something that still needs work, so recently, I joined another group. This one’s a bit different. We meet weekly via a zoom conference call– it isn’t quite as intimate as being together in person. (More like a tic-tac-toe game on a computer screen, with a face in each square!) It’s still beneficial, especially for those who’d otherwise need to travel a long distance to meet.

As the evening progressed, each of us was allowed time to introduce ourself and share our story. I felt a connection to the ladies right away. Some stories triggered me to have grief sabotage. Do you remember? It’s when you feel ok, and then grief attacks and suddenly there’s that familiar feeling of pain and loss? It happened a few times– glad my tissues were handy!

My real reason for the crying wasn’t about me. It was hearing the painful stories, that got my tears to flow. I’m grateful to be where I am now, looking in the rearview mirror– on the other side of trauma. But for most of them, it was still raw and fresh. I wished I could crawl through the computer screen to hug them and tell them they were going to be ok.

After each of us shared, we were prayed for individually. It was a sweet, but emotional, time. Sensing God’s presence and love for each of us, and for each other, seemed overwhelming.

By the way, I’m so honored to say that my battle buddy, Gigi, took her negatives and turned them into something positive, too!  She’s become a life coach and is presently the leader of my group! Isn’t God good? Working at Be Broken Ministries, which helps men, women, marriages, and families overcome porn and sexual strongholds, she can be reached here for more information. Website: Thanks for reading!


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