New Mercies

Yesterday after the sun came out, snow had melted and there were places where slush and mud seemed to abound. The dirty spray from muddy car tires had covered the lower halves of every car in the neighborhood, each in need of a good carwash!

But today when I woke up and looked outside, a couple of inches of fresh white powder had fallen. Everything was once again clean, crisp, and beautiful. So refreshing!

It reminded me of the scripture found in Lamentations 3. 

“Because the Lord’s great love we are not consumed, for his compassions never fail. They are new every morning; great is your faithfulness.”  Lamentations 3:22 & 23 NIV

Just as God sends clean fresh snow to cover up the dirt, so he sends us his mercy and provision also. His redemption allows us to start fresh and anew- no matter how badly we’ve messed up. His abounding love is unending and never-failing. New mercies are his daily gifts to us- just like freshly fallen snow!

To hear more of God’s tender mercies, check out this song entitled “As Sure As the Sun” by Ellie Holcomb.


  1. It always amazes me in reading Lamentations that these verses were written at a time when Israel was suffering God’s judgment, when Jerusalem was under siege, and people were starving in the streets. They finally realized their sin, acknowledged that God’s judgment is just, and repented. And God in His mercy did not let them perish. With all that is going on today, it’s so good to know that God is merciful and always willing to give a fresh start to those who seek Him for one.

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