Being Transformed

I recently made a new friend through this website. She’s in the middle of her mess, as I once was. But you know what? She’s stronger than she thinks. She is beloved, valuable, clothed in dignity, and precious beyond words. 

Did you know those written words apply to you, as well? Whatever you’re facing today, whatever giant you need to conquer, you may be feeling weak, but God is strong! He fights your battles for you. Be still, and trust him to know what he’s doing with your situation. Keep in mind he knows what’s best.

Think about a beautiful sparkly diamond. We know it didn’t just come straight from rock and dirt looking that way!

First of all it takes years for a diamond to grow. There has to be both heat and the right amount of pressure to transform carbon into diamond. Secondly, rough diamonds need to be cut with carefully measured facets to help them reflect light in certain ways, and polished in order for them to shine- transformed into something dazzling and glorious!

Trust Jesus. Be obedient to his word. He has a bigger plan in store for you that you may not see or realize at the moment. He is refining you. He is transforming you. You may be feeling the heat and pressure, but trust him in the process, even while it may be slow or painful. 

Patiently wait for the good future and hope he has planned for you. Never give up. Never give up following Jesus!


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