Behind the Fence/A Look at Boundaries

Not really crazy about this photo. Not liking the chain link fence at the moment. However, the boundary this fence provides allows me to get close, while yet protecting myself from being this guy’s breakfast.

Healthy boundary setting is a crucial part of healing from betrayal trauma. Sometimes fear or anxiety keeps us from setting necessary boundaries. We know a boundary may be necessary when we feel violated, but what holds us back?

We need to ask ourselves, “What exactly is the violation? Why do I feel angry, hurt, or defensive? Why am I bitter, resentful, feeling crazy, or fatigued?” 

Often, a physical boundary is the most difficult to put in place, but sometimes separation is needed to feel safe again. Seek a qualified Christian counselor who can help guide with boundary setting. Safety always comes first, whether it’s physical or emotional. Daughter of the King, you have worth! Never let anyone persuade you to think otherwise.

Remember: Boundaries are necessary for protection. Setting a boundary is not selfish, it’s self care.

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