Know. Your. Worth.

If you’ve experienced a betrayal, then feelings of rejection are all too common. It could be we wrestle with other rejections from our past, only multiplying low feelings of self-worth.

But what does God say? He doesn’t lie- so we had better perk up our ears and hear TRUTH instead of lies the enemy feeds us.

In Psalm 8, God is very clear. It begins by declaring God‘s majesty- speaking of how He sets his glory, moon, and stars, (the works of his fingers) in place. It goes on to say “He silences the enemy and ALL who oppose Him.”

Then he tells how he made us- a little lower than God! He crowns us- actually placing a crown of glory and honor on our heads!

He gives us all authority to rule over his creation!

Can you picture it? The same majestic God who delicately created the heavens with his own fingers, uses those same fingers to delicately lift our chin- and place a crown of glory and honor on our head! 

Surely, he is worthy of all praise and honor! Surely, he exalts himself as Lord and ruler over all! Why wouldn’t He?

Lift. Your. Head.

Know. Your. Worth. 


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