Take a Breath

I’ve been asking myself questions regarding how I spend my time. 

What’s important, essential, and beneficial? 

What should I set aside and what do I keep? 

Some of my questions have to do with being online. There are so many choices! Which Social Media groups should I spend time with, or which ones are a waste of my time? 

Depending on what season of life we are in can determine when and where we devote our time. 

One choice I’ve made is to be part of “The Breathing Room”, Elizabeth Maxon’s dream for a community of women who come together for spiritual formation, rest, peace, and purpose! Isn’t that something we could all use right now?

Having participated since early June, I love it!  This special space takes my eyes off the world’s ways, and helps me focus on God, my sanctuary. Simply put, it grounds me! 

Elizabeth Maxon is warm, welcoming, and endearing. Check out the info/link you need to join!


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