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Photo courtesy of Belal Shahab

How “on fire for God” are you?

Ezekiel is my hero! 

Maybe you aren’t familiar with this Old Testament prophet, but he did some amazing things- all out of obedience to God’s call. 

Sometimes reluctant, even questioning, he always remained obedient . 

As a street preacher, did you know he laid on his side for 390 days? During this time he only ate one eight ounce meal a day- cooked over manure!

So what’s heroic about that, right? (I was thinking the same thing.)

Hopefully God won’t ask me to do something so dramatic or difficult, but if He did, would I? Would you?

It really causes me to wonder: How bold would I be to answer God’s purpose or call?

Ezekiel definitely challenged those around him to repent and follow God’s ways. I admire his courage and bravery, but mostly his faithfulness to his calling. 

The thing is, just like Ezekiel, we all have a choice when we experience God. It’s never forced- God allows us to choose. So, what will it be?

Obedience? Indifference? Rebellion?

Let’s commit ourselves to obeying God, whatever, wherever, and whenever He asks. 

Photo courtesy of Belal Shahab

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