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Remember the lion from the Wizard of Oz? Poor guy! He was in desperate need of courage!

Going through betrayal trauma requires courage- often, more than what we think we possess.

We need Jesus’ help to make it through. We can’t do it without Him.

Have you heard the Christian song, “You Make Me Brave”? It’s been out for several years but for some reason it slipped by me until recently. It’s worth a listen! Here’s the link:

Check out the lyrics:

“You make me brave. You call me out beyond the shore into the waves.

No fear can hinder now, the love that made a way. No fear can hinder now, the promises you made.”

Isn’t Jesus so good to equip us with bravery and courage as we need it?

My pastor recently said, “Courage is not about WHAT you do, but more about WHO is in you.”

When we give ourselves to Jesus, our lives begin to look more like His. And didn’t He need courage as he chose the cross for our forgiveness and salvation?!

Sharing Jesus where we live, work, learn, and play takes courage. Sometimes there’s pushback- people aren’t ready to hear truth.

Abiding in Jesus equips us to be strong and courageous in every circumstance, whether it’s getting through a painful betrayal or sharing his love with people who need Him. No matter what, He makes us brave- that’s something worth singing about!

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