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🚴‍♀️There’s a park nearby with a bike trail I enjoy riding on. One portion has a tunnel going under a major road. It’s long, narrow, and  dark. Going through this tunnel I’ve wiped out not once, but twice! 😂 Both times could have been prevented, had I only followed three simple steps. 

🐢Reduce speed. 

😎Take sunglasses off sooner. 

😳Keep eyes on the light at the end. 

Whenever we encounter a life struggle or crisis these can be applied as well. Let me explain:

Instead of rushing to FIX the problem, SLOW DOWN. Take a deep breath and ground yourself.  In other words, get a grip!

Take the blinders off. Seeing something from only one point of view could be biased, or perhaps denial may be part of the problem. Getting godly advice from a trusted friend helps. We need to be able to see clearly. 

Focus on the LIGHT. Keeping our eyes on Jesus while we navigate our new circumstance is most important. Looking away  may cause us to crash and burn. 

I could still be blaming myself for the mistakes I made when approaching the bike tunnel, but what good will it do? 🤷‍♀️

Learning from mistakes and applying what I’ve learned may save me from injury the next time. 

Here’s to safe and happy traveling, friends:

“When Jesus spoke again to the people, he said, “I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will never walk in darkness, but will have the light of life.” John 8:12 NIV

2 comments on “Focus on the Light

  1. Robyn Mulder says:

    Great reminders for all of us, Debra! (Especially the part about not blaming ourselves after a wipeout. We learn and move on!)

    The end of that tunnel looks tricky in the picture…is there a narrow opening you have to maneuver through, or is that just an optical illusion?


    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you for reading. The end of the tunnel has some cement structures at the end. There’s room to turn, just need to take it slow- also as I mentioned while navigating the tunnel! You are so right about not continuing to blame- it does no good. We learn as we go. 😍


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