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Hey, friends! Joy is a choice! Don’t let the enemy steal it from you today.

Remember: Thoughts lead to feelings which lead to spoken words. Don’t pronounce a curse on yourself with negativity. Instead, speak words of blessing over yourself and others. 

Can you think of one thing you’re grateful for? Thank God—and realize you are blessed!

7 comments on “Be Blessed

  1. I’m so grateful that God has promised not to leave us – ever. And that He is bigger than any problem, any worldly power, any evil.


    1. Grateful with you—especially after yesterday’s news. He reigns and hasn’t lost control. 💕


    2. Singhshma says:

      I second that. I’m thankful that God has promised to never leave me.

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  2. Robyn Mulder says:

    So true! I’m learning more and more about how important our thinking is. Thanks for the reminder. (And I love the mug! Makes me want to try painting that design.) ~Robyn

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    1. Thank you for reading, Robyn. Painting is good soul care. Do it! 🥰


  3. Maria Ruiz says:

    Words of wisdom Debra. Grateful to receive and allow this to wash over us.

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    1. Thank you, Maria. Hope you are all well.


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