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Thank you, Melissa @livefreewives!

So how do we lead blameless lives—to live with integrity? To take responsibility for ourselves?

In Psalm 101, David talks about being careful to lead a blameless life. He does so by avoiding certain things.


  1. Puts nothing vile before his eyes (vs.3)
  2. Stays away from perverse people (vs.4)
  3. Avoids prideful/slanderous/deceitful people (vs.5 &7)

Not only should we follow David’s example, we need to be proactive by surrounding ourselves with godly people and allow them to minister to us. Most importantly, we need to let God’s word show us the standards to live by. 

I understand the desire for someone to to try to fix everything wrong with others, but why would we listen to or even consider advice from those who are not following the Lord?

We take responsibility for our own actions and answer to Jesus. Each person sweeps his/her own side of the street. Trying to fix gets us nowhere. 

I’m so grateful for my community who encourages and supports me as I continue to heal. I appreciate godly wisdom from those who closely follow the Lord. (You know who you are!) Thank you, friends. You are blessings in my life, and I praise God for you!

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