Scars Offer Encouragement

Photo courtesy of Gabriele Garcia Marengo, upsplash 

Scars offer encouragement. 

In ”Turn Your Wounds Into Scars”, a YouVersion Devotional by Vijay Thangiah, he explains. 

“Jesus’ resurrected body had some unique abilities, like walking through closed doors and ascending into the clouds. But despite these ethereal qualities, it also had a surprising human feature. It still showed the scars. 

Jesus could have come back without them. Instead, He chose to keep them. It is because He had a message for us. The nail scarred hands of Jesus confirm beyond the shadow of any doubt that Jesus suffered. The scars also tell us that because He has suffered He knows, He cares, He understands. But they also tell us that He has overcome, that He has conquered.

Our scars are also important, and He wants to use them.

Scars recall old wounds. But they also offer encouragement. They remind us that in those moments when we could have played it safe, we chose to take a risk. When we could have chosen the easy way out, we decided to stay and struggle. When times got tough, we didn’t run and hide. Instead, we succumbed to the brutality of the moment, persisted through the pain, and survived to tell about it.”


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