Living Hope

Photo courtesy of Jan Canty, upsplash

God mentions the word “valley” several times in scripture. The Valley of Achor, (trouble) Valley of Baca (tears) and also the Valley of Jehosophat (the Lord judges—Joel 3:14). 

We may have passed through the Valleys of Achor and Baca, but the most important valley we will pass through is the Valley of Jehoshophat, also known as Valley of Decision. 

We are all faced with a decision. Choosing God, or not. Who is your go to, your anchor, your hope? Who gets you through the valleys a Baca and Achor? Or, are you refusing to accept his help? Are you running away vs. running to Him?

Are you searching for something or someone who will satisfy your needs? What/who do you put your hope in? Satisfaction cannot be found apart from Jesus. Until we choose Him, we will be fumbling around—aimlessly. 

Lacking hope? Jesus is our Living Hope. Meet Him in the Valley of Decision today— and say YES. 

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