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Photo courtesy of upsplash

Photo courtesy of upsplash

Are you counting the days until life gets better?

Stuck feeling helpless and hopeless instead of savoring the moments?

When we experience trauma from a betrayal, it’s so easy to be discouraged, believing life will never be the same, wanting to throw in the towel.

Tired of lies and deception, we isolate ourselves—not believing anyone could possibly understand.

Finding a wives care support group may be just what we need. Women who’ve been there too, will offer insight, encouragement, and support.

No one ever has to walk this road alone. Find friends who will come alongside you. See my RESOURCES page at

2 comments on “Counting Days or Savoring the Moments?

  1. It’s never a good idea to count the days instead of savoring the moments. As a believer in Jesus, Christ, I can always find something to thank Him for – for example, that I can count on His love and keeping His promises for the future, even while I’m feeling terrible. I don’t need emotions to confirm the truth. God’s Truth stands on its own and doesn’t need any confirmation from me. Contrary to what the world may say, that kind of “willful praise” isn’t null and void because “my heart’s not in it,” but rather a “sacrifice of praise,” because it’s harder to do than worshiping when I’m feeling great about life. It sure helps to have good friends/brothers and sisters to go through it with you, too.
    P.S. Love the picture!


    1. I agree. There’s always something to be grateful for. Being still and using our senses helps us realize all the gifts we’ve been given. And community definitely helps us savor the moments! 💗 Thank you for reading.


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