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When we call someone’s name, we can usually tell right away if they’ve heard us. They may turn towards us, their facial expression shows us they heard, or they respond by answering.

Did you know our Heavenly Father always hears us each time we cry out to Him or pray, calling on His name?

Psalm 116:1 says, “I love the Lord, for he heard my voice; he heard my cry for mercy.”

Verse 2 states, “Because he turned his ear to me”— When someone turns an ear to us, we have their full attention and focus. Most likely their eyes meet ours. 

God is so responsive when we call Him, He bends down and listens to our voice, just as a concerned parent bends down to get at a child’s level, our Heavenly Father wants to help in our times of need. 

We don’t know who the Psalmist of 116 is, but it appears he was overcome with trouble and sorrow. Only when he sought the Lord, did he experience God’s grace, righteousness, compassion, protection, salvation, goodness, deliverance and freedom!

No wonder the writer’s response was praise and worship—and wouldn’t we want to experience these gifts for ourselves?

Why do we forget to seek or call out to God? 

Think about it: Our Helper is one word away: Jesus!

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