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TEARS: good or bad?

CRIER: yes or no?

Quite often, when we cry, it makes others feel uncomfortable. They aren’t sure how to respond.

Do they comfort or try to console? Do they try to speak words of encouragement? Do they tell us not to cry? Or do they listen and “be” with us?

I cry at nearly anything. The Hallmark commercials? Movies? Of course.

When I pray for someone? Yes.

When someone prays over me? Most definitely.

It’s not something I can control, although it can be embarrassing, let alone coming at unexpected or inopportune times.

I like to think God’s given me an empathetic and compassionate heart, but sometimes it feels like a curse!

I’ll cry when I’m happy, too.

God says He collects our tears, and one day there will be NO MORE tears.

Crying can be a good and necessary form of release. Some say being emotional is our superpower!

For those of you non-criers? What do you say? I’d love to hear from criers and non-criers, alike.

3 comments on “Are You a Crier?

  1. Sally says:

    Hi Debra !
    You are definitely blessed to be able to cry easily.
    Jesus wept too.
    On a physical basis, tears release stress hormones from the body.
    They are God’s way of allowing us to feel better.

    Obviously, there is a difference between someone who cries readily, and someone who is suffering from depression.

    I wish I could cry more. This is something I desire. I’m not sure why I shed few tears.
    You are right – God does gather our tears in a bottle – I was researching this, as a tradition of Israelites of preserving tears in tiny bottles, but I don’t remember the details.

    Thanks for sharing this really interesting post.

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    1. Crying is a necessary release for me—once I get the tears out, I feel so much better! Thank you for your comment, Sally. Blessings.

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      1. Sally says:

        For sure, the release of tears helps us to feel better.
        Peace and blessings to you also, Debra, and I keep praying that I will be able to cry more too. ( I am going to write that request in my prayer journal now). 🌷🌼

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