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A chipmunk can be just as noisy as a bear, but a bear can be just as silent as the wind.

Just like the noises in the forest, sometimes God’s voice is loud and attention-getting. Other times it’s a whisper for you to lean in and take notice.

Have you paused long enough today to hear God’s voice? How has he chosen to speak to you? A gentle whisper or thundering crash? Without stopping to pause, without time in his word, no one can expect to hear God’s voice or understand his words.

Discover truth from lies and clarify his will for your next steps. Anyone walking the road of trauma after betrayal needs Jesus. Find him today in His Word.  

2 comments on “A Whisper or Crash?

  1. Thanks for the reminder, Debra. I need to get off the internet for now and go on my prayer walk with my dog. (We’ll probably see one of those little critters while we’re out there. 😉)

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    1. Grateful you can apply this reminder. Thank you.

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