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When a husband becomes an expert at lying and cheating, watch for the façade of fake repentance.

Anyone can perform lip service, but what are his actions showing? Does he accept responsibility for what he’s done, or does he blame you for his lack of self-control?

If he’s admitted to viewing pornography or other inappropriate behaviors, there may be an issue of addiction.

Has he mentioned if he’s willing to get help? Will he pursue counseling, and join a men’s group for accountability? Think of other questions to consider, view his responses, and observe the ways he’s acting towards you.

Above all, stand for truth and trust your instincts to know whether or not someone is being sincere. The Holy Spirit is available to guide you. Access His power.

One comment on “REPENTANCE: Sincere or Fake?

  1. Important questions. There’s a huge difference between forgiving and enabling.

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