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Photo courtesy of Daoudi Assa, unsplash

Is your house standing firm or falling with a crash?

In a horrific storm, the rain came down, the streams rose, and the winds blew and beat against two houses. The one standing firm had its foundation on rock. The one that crashed was built on sand.

Dear Betrayed,

What/Who is your foundation? For some, a betrayal may be the worst storm we ever experience in a lifetime. We crash and burn, never to recover because we have no firm foundation. 

For others, although we take a beating, pelted in every way, we can weather the storm. 

The resilient have something in common. A firm foundation who is Jesus. He is our helper. Our rock when everything around us is sinking sand. 

Choose him, today. He promises to help us through the storm and will never leave, betray, or forsake us.

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