In Need of a Mordant?

Is your spiritual self care lacking a mordant?

Mordant: a substance used in dyeing to fix the coloring matter. 

I have attempted to dye wool yarn using prickly pear fruit more than once. 

The first time I didn’t use a mordant. As soon as I rinsed the yarn, the beautiful magenta color went down the drain—right along with the rinse water. 

The second time I used the wrong mordant—with the same results. I put my attempts to dye with prickly pear fruit on hold. 

Sometimes, just like a mordant used for dyeing, we need to experiment to see what sticks. It’s true in our spiritual walk as well, regarding worship/study/reading time. 

The important thing here, is to take the time to see what works—and what doesn’t. We need a mordant—a glue—to keep us connected to Jesus, too. 

Do God‘s truths wash off as quickly as you turn the page or put your Bible away? Half-hearted three-minute-read devotionals may not be enough. Perhaps we need something stronger—a more reliable mordant to produce lasting results. Maybe add something more or to try a different approach? 

After betrayal, it’s the best thing we can do for our own personal spiritual and soul care. Be flexible—change it up, try a different approach. Take your next step toward healing. Find the mordant that works for you. 

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