Can You Relate to Sherlock?

photo courtesy of Keiteu Ko

Do you ever snoop on your husband? And then when you’re finished, you feel a huge sense of guilt? ⁣

If this has ever happened to you, could I encourage you with these words? The reason you are snooping is not because you are dishonest or disloyal. The reason you may be checking up on him is perhaps you sense something in your gut is not right. ⁣

In an effort to feel safe and secure, you want truth. This is why—and it’s normal by the way—to want to know what your husband is up to. ⁣

Most likely, honesty and loyalty are high on your values list. Truth in a relationship is what your love is based on. Know that this is normal behavior for those who are experiencing betrayal trauma. ⁣

Don’t feel shame or guilt for what you’ve done. Do know, however, this type of ongoing “checking-up-on-him” behavior will not benefit you. It won’t control what he does. ⁣

But as for guilt? Don’t let it come to rest. No wife should ever have to wonder what her husband is up to you. EVER. ⁣

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