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A few lyrics from a Sunday service:

Praise silences the enemy. Praise conquers all anxiety. Fear cannot survive when we praise you. An answer to every question mark. Jesus.

Love has a name. Jesus. We will fix our eyes on the one who overcame. We will stand in awe of the one who breaks the chains.

It’s no wonder I became renewed, revived, and restored after meditating on these words.

Friend, Are you weary from life’s battles?

Do you feel under attack today? Has betrayal trauma defeated you?

Stop what you’re doing and think about what happens when we pause to praise.

Our outlook on life suddenly changes because our focus changes from looking at ourselves to looking at Jesus.

Lies, anxiety, fear?

Look up. Replaced.

Psalm 34:18 “The Lord is close to the brokenhearted and saves those who are crushed in spirit.”

2 comments on “Love Has a Name

  1. Dear Debra, this is good. I’ve been thinking about prayer and how we pray. What would happen if we pray God’s promises instead of our fears? What if we asked Him to show us His healing, for example, instead of to heal in the way we think he should heal? When we pray for God to show us who He is and who He has already proven Himself to be, we stop clamoring for the problem to be solved and instead expect Him to show Himself. It’s a perfect parallel to your message. When we focus on praising who He is, the rest grows strangely dim.

    Keep serving as His messenger.

    I hope you are thriving. Love you!

    Thriving in any and every circumstance, Dr. Sherri

    Thriving Expert, Podcast Host, Thought Coach, Writer ————

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    1. Thank you, Dr. Sherri. Your comment is appreciated and it also reminds me of how healing begins once we believe our identity is in Christ. Then our eyes are opened to abuse and how God shows us as His daughters we are worth more.


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