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Dear Newly Betrayed,

When we begin to allow ourselves to believe God remains unchanging and faithful—no matter what, then we have already taken our first steps toward healing. 

Getting to this point felt like an impossibility for me—maybe for you, too? Healing together, in community—day by day, moment by moment, helps. There’s a battle buddy, just like you, needing someone—just like you!

We can’t look into the future, trying to predict outcomes. Instead, we think and live in the present. With other women nearby to bear each other’s burdens, we all become stronger—more resilient in the process.

First, find an expert trained in betrayal trauma. Finding the right person is crucial for healing. 

Next, educate yourself on what has happened and what steps you need to take for healing. Find out what your options are and what you’re dealing with. Make a safety plan. 

Also, get into a support group for wives who’ve experienced betrayal trauma. 

As we go slow and steady we begin feeling better and stronger. We understand we aren’t crazy and are offered support and encouragement from others who’ve been there, too. 

No one should ever have to walk this road alone. Let’s help each other heal. 

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