Ponder the Power

I heard a good word from my pastor, Max, which is a perfect way to start a new year!

“Shift your focus away from your challenges. Ponder the power of the Almighty God.” I want to remember this EVERY day because every day has its challenges, right?

The initial discovery of betrayal is only the beginning of our challenges that lie ahead. However, we don’t need to continuously dwell or ruminate on them. We can still have joy in our life!

Start with thinking of one thing you are grateful for. (It is a gift from God!) Now look back over 2021 and notice all the ways he has protected and provided for you. (More gifts!) God is the One responsible for sustaining you through all the challenges you faced this year and He will continue His faithfulness in the next. 

Ponder His power. He is able to do more than we can ask or imagine. Trust Him with me in 2022!

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