Women experiencing trauma from betrayal can relate to David in Psalm 26:1 where he asks for vindication. 

David walked in integrity and trusted the Lord without wavering.  He asked for God to try him, to test his heart and mind. 

In verse four he goes on to say how he does not sit with men of falsehood, hypocrites, evil doers, or the wicked. 

Instead, he desires to be upright, proclaiming the Lord’s wondrous deeds out loud. He chooses to walk in integrity, asking for the Lord to redeem and be gracious to him. 

Ladies, we can stand with David, refusing to listen to lies. We can stand upright because of the strength, dignity, and God’s promise of a future with laughter. 

We have been given power and authority to crush the enemy. Let’s do this! Believe truth!

Photo courtesy of Tingey Law Firm, unsplash

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