Waiting Phase

Most of us experiencing trauma from betrayal are in the “waiting phase”.  In fact, many of us wonder if we’ll ever get out. 

We wait for a spouse to accept responsibility. 

We wait for an apology, for an expression of empathy, or for God to soften a hardened heart. We wait to be released from our ongoing roller coaster ride of emotions, hoping the pain will soon be over. 

A soul sister gave me a word: Release weight in the wait. 

We are carrying some heavy burdens—ones we were never meant to carry. The weight of the world seems to be pressing down on our fragile shoulders until we eventually must give in and release it, or we crumble. 

All those cares and concerns? Don’t carry the weight one more day. Instead, put them all in God’s capable hands. Lay them down, feel light again and experience freedom Jesus offers. He is our vision and provision.  

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