Choosing the Transformer

“You have made us and drawn us to yourself, and our heart is unquiet until it rests in you.”

 —Saint Augustine

Sanctification is the ongoing process of transformation, becoming more and more like Jesus. It includes taking up our cross daily, whatever it may look like. 

Overcoming life’s trials and troubles aid in sanctification, hopefully producing greater trust, patience, and perseverance. 

Part of sanctification is learning to be at peace in our circumstances. Without resting in Jesus, acknowledging His faithfulness no matter what, there is no peace to be found. 

With every new trial or obstacle we face, our peace gets threatened.  When we don’t turn to Jesus, we may end up destroying ourselves from worry and unrest.  Let’s face it—troubles are never-ending and life is not easy. 

We have a choice about who/where we put our trust. If we make a wrong choice, there will always be thirst—but never satisfaction. 

We may continue searching for something to fill our emptiness, but if Jesus isn’t part of the equation, our search only continues. 

Another binge, another addiction, another relationship. Where do we find ourselves? Emptier than before, still craving. 

Our reliance must ONLY be on God. He supplies and fulfills every need—down to the air we breathe. With every inhale (Yah) and exhale (weh) we call out his name. 

We still acknowledge Him—even in our refusal to choose him. 

Yahweh. The wind and waves obey him, shouldn’t we?


  1. Great reminder, Deb! I especially love the inhale (Yah) and exhale (weh) reminder. I’m tempted to search for lots of things other than Jesus, but he’s the only one who will really fill that void.

    Thanks again,


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