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Photo courtesy of Melissa Walker Horn, unsplash

Easter has come and gone. Is your life looking like the chocolate bunny you bit into? Hollow? Empty? Meaningless?

Near the end of Solomon’s life, although he became the wisest man in the world, he failed to heed his own advice. He looked back with an attitude of humility and repentance. He realized the only thing that could satisfy is God alone.

I remember a counselor speaking at church camp when I was a young girl. “Don’t let the excitement of youth forget your Creator,” he said. There is so much wisdom in those words.

Where do you find yourself? How many years have passed since “youth”? If you’ve forgotten your Creator, is it time to make changes?

It’s never too late to return to Jesus. He’s only a breath away.

2 comments on “Is It Time?

  1. That chocolate bunny is such a good picture of the life of self-indulgence. No denying it tastes good, but not satisfying. And if you try to satisfy with just “more!” you’ll be very sick! No life in that thing.

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    1. Very true. People are searching, but not for what truly satisfies. 😢

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