A Crisis in Faith

Photo Courtesy of Thanti Nguyen, unsplash

“Sanctify them by your truth; your word is truth.”  John 17:17 NIV 

We are unknowingly, deceptively, swayed by culture. It’s easily done when we aren’t anchored to anything. 

After my discovery day, the ensuing weeks and months are hard to describe. If I had to pick a word? Confusion. 

I admit to having a crisis of faith, which I now know is a normal reaction for those experiencing trauma from betrayal. 

I walked around in a daze for days—going through the motions—yet not realizing I was probably still in shock. 

Playing the part of dutiful wife around friends and family while my insides were about to implode was nearly unbearable. 

Maybe you’ve been there, too? Keeping the facade that everything’s ok? Wearing a mask of cheerfulness while your world spins out of control? 

When everything changed for me, it’s not because my husband was repentant. He wasn’t. When I finally “got a grip” it was when I gripped Jesus’ hand—because He was the only one I could talk to who I thought would understand. 

The truth of HIS WORD was my turning point. Claiming HIS PROMISES kept me alive. KNOWING HIM keeps me from utter despair. 

Are you having a crisis of faith? Do you know my JESUS? Let me tell you about Him—He’s a rescuer and I’m living proof He is faithful. 

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