The Lord Will Provide

You are ENOUGH.

At my daughter’s recent graduation, the praise team sang Jireh, a song by Elevation Worship & Maverick City (lyrics).

Jehovah Jireh is a name for God which means “The Lord will provide.”

I knew it would be an emotional day as I would soon be an empty nester, but as I heard the lyrics, “Forever enough, always enough, more than enough”, my mind reflected on the past four years and tears rolled down my cheeks.

Indeed, God had been faithful (and will continue to be). So, when I wake up , it is a sweet reminder to have this praise song in my head. Likewise, it is an even sweeter spot when we reach a point where trust and rest replace worries and concerns.

Friend, when God says He will provide, have you acknowledged His faithfulness to see you through whatever you face? Isn’t He kind to never leave nor forsake us? It always boils down to the same word. TRUST.

Ask Him now to help you trust Him in your circumstances. He is faithful.

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