People Are Sacred

Photo Courtesy of Called to Peace Ministries

Sacred covenants in marriages are being broken every day—and not only because of infidelity. When vows aren’t kept, then words like love, honor, and cherish get washed down the drain—right along with promises of protection and provision.

In the story of Ruth and Boaz, we see God’s intention of what marriage should look like. Boaz stepped up, assuming all responsibilities as kinsmen-redeemer. He loved and cared for Ruth, provided for her needs, and protected her from those who could harm her. 

Usually, prior to ever considering divorce, these Boaz qualities in husbands have been missing for some time, replaced with self.  Women often endure mistreatment for years until “enough is enough”.

When vows are shattered because of abuse, leaving a marriage seems it honors God rather than sticking around for further abuse. 

If we are even more precious than diamonds or rubies, the apple of God’s eye, and our name is written on the palms of His hands, then surely we are highly valued—yes, even more than the institution of marriage. 

God never intends for two becoming one flesh to be torn apart, but because of repeated dishonorable choices, without repentance, the marriage cannot endure. There’s no trust left. 

God’s grace and mercy exceeds any legalism to stay married “no matter what”. His desire is for abundant life, not tolerance/putting up with being treated poorly. PEOPLE are more sacred than MARRIAGES. 

If husbands love their wives as Christ loves the church, it is a joy for wives to be married, but when counselors tell wives they “need to submit more” it’s a huge red flag—because in most cases they are not being properly loved or cherished to begin with. 

Women are in need of empathy and understanding, not condemnation and scarlet letters. Let’s start fresh with a new perspective, allowing God’s grace to cover past mistakes of judgment. 


  1. I think Boaz recognized the worth of this “foreigner,” Ruth, because of the example set by his mother Rahab. She was also a foreigner, a citizen of Jericho, and hardly an example of perfection. She won herself a place of honor in Scripture – even being part of the lineage of Jesus – in what she did as a result of her faith. Believing in the God of Israel, she hid the Jewish spies, lied to the soldiers looking for them, and helped Israel defeat her own city – hardly a “submissive” woman.

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