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Photo courtesy of Joshua Rawson-Harris, unsplash

Do you remember the song, “He’s Got the Whole World in His Hands”?

(Now that the tune has been re-introduced, you’ll be singing it all day!)

But, just maybe, it’s the reminder we NEED.

When one bad thing follows another, and another, and another…

Yes, even then, He’s got the whole world, including YOU in His fully capable hands.

He sees and knows, and when we invite Him in, He captures our tears, too. He’s with us and understands our nature—to be bent towards fear, anxiety, and “freaking out”. But does being fearful or freaking out do any good?

When we go to Jesus, He offers PEACE, instead. Do you need some peace? Going to the source is such a better alternative than what we are prone to do. (And He’s only a breath away.)

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